The development of fishing activity in the region is mostly artisanal, organized through cooperatives that have enabled the economic and territorial development of the coast zones transforming it in a sector of great potential and cultural value. Fish, mollusks, shellfish, crustaceans and algae that could be food - supplemental, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmacological food for human use and consumption, as well as other industrial uses.


Production of sea products in Los Ríos is marked by the richness and diversity of its species, which have a great economic and nutritional value since the marine flora and fauna has nutritional characteristics unique and proper of the Chilean marine ecosystem.


The coasts running along the region are influenced by the Humboldt and Antarctic Circumpolar Currents. These attract millenarian phytoplankton and Antarctic krill well-known for containing the highest levels omega 3 around the world, favoring the feeding of marine species that directly move to human food. Likewise, algae of the zone count on high levels of beta-carotene, because the coast zone of the territory co-exists with the sun radiation processes with adiathermancy.


As throughout the country, Los Ríos complies with strict rules of food traceability ensuring a proper follow-up and control of sea resources since they are captured o collected until its commercial distribution.