27-29 NOV

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With its lakes, rivers and volcanoes, Los Ríos Region is considered as one of the most beautiful zones of the country and one of the main tourism destinations of the country. Located at the south of Chile, it has a surface of 18,429.5 km2 and a population of 380 thousand inhabitants (INE 2017).

The beauty and diversity of its flora and fauna is expressed in all its splendor in the so-called Valdivian Rainforest, unique template and rainy forest of South America and natural scenario of exclusive flora and fauna species.

Climatic change and consequences on droughts all over the world, have not affected Los Ríos Region. On the contrary, it is one of the zones with more water availability water in the country: Its annual precipitation average is of 1,271 mm (DGAC,2016).