27-29 NOV

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Milk and dairy products industry of the Los Ríos region complies with the highest demands of safety, traceability and regulation favoring its marketing and export to demanding markets.  Its productive systems outstands the care for the environment and its elaboration focused on high value added food.

Los Ríos is the main producer of serum and cheese at a national level and the second region in milk reception. Together with the region of Los Lagos, Los Ríos concentrates 76% of the processed milk volume in Chile. These figures show the impact of this industry in the incomes generated by its production and sale, in job creation and its effects in the demand of inputs, financial and commerce services.

Productive Differentiators

  • The region avoids the use of chemical fertilizers, preventing the contamination risk of water tables enabling a non contaminant grazing to the cattle. For this reason, dairy products of the zone are highly healthy. 


  • The geographical location of the region allows that cultivations naturally isolate from some common plagues in the rest of the continent, transforming this zone into a phytosanitary reserve.


  • Dairy products have a lower cholesterol concentration, due to the low amount of fat acids, both saturated and mono-unsaturated, which are responsible for increasing the cholesterol level in the blood. Furthermore, they have a higher level of poly-unsaturated acids, considered the most beneficial for health.


  • In addition to the animal ethical breeding, there are dignified death standards for the cattle.


  • Chile has one million hectares of grasslands, twenty large dairy plants and almost one hundred of middle- and small-size cheese processing plants. Dairy industry produces inside an exceptional natural environment, free of diseases and with the experience of extensive experience producers.


  • Milk and dairy products processing is conducted with state-of-the-art technology and strictly hygienic methods.


  • Industrial plants count on ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certificates, for its care and respect with the environment; food safety; risk analysis; critical points control and permanent quality control of raw materials, in order to ensure traceability and good manufacturing practices.


  • Chile exports dairy products to more than 40 countries worldwide, highlighting the shipment of powder milk (whole, skimmed and condensed milk); infant processed food, cheese and whey; and also butter, butterfat, caramelized cream milk [manjar], yoghurt and UHT cream.


  • Exports of dairy products are aimed to markets with consumers who appreciate products with added value, healthy and highly nutritive. In 2014, exports of dairy products went up to US$ 244 million.


  • Los Ríos is provided with available surface, human capital, universities, research centers and appropriate infrastructure for strengthening current businesses and the development of new products.